Residential Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

1Why Weather Engineers, Inc. For Your Air Conditioning Repair
Weather Engineers, Inc. has been dedicated to serving our customers with quality air conditioning repairs and service since 1963. It is our mission at Weather Engineers, Inc. to provide the best air conditioning repair service in Jacksonville and to always leave our customers with peace of mind, knowing that they are in good hands. We strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations by not only taking care of the immediate problem, but by also paying attention to the minor details to reduce the chance of future breakdowns. We also educate our customers as to what the problem is, what caused the problem, and some things that they can do to extend the life of the equipment. With Weather Engineers, Inc., you know are getting the best service from the best NATE certified technicians in the industry. We provide a wide range of services to meet all of your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation needs that may arise. From our service department to our in home sheet metal department, we will have your air conditioning system back up and running in no time.
2I Need Air Conditioning Repair Service Today
Need a repairman now? Weather Engineers, Inc. service team, includes sixteen NATE certified technicians and growing, is sure to have someone at your home quickly. Being in Jacksonville, we know how crucial it is to have your air conditioning system up and running quickly and performing at its peak performance level. Having such a large fleet of technicians out on the road allows us to respond to your air conditioning and heating needs efficiently and effectively. When you call into our service department, our dispatchers will give you an estimated time as to when we will have our service technician at your home to service your air conditioning system. In the rare case that we are not at your home within thirty minutes of the estimated time, our dispatchers will call you and notify you of the situation and also keep you updated as to when we will have one of our service technicians at your home to repair your air conditioning system.
324 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service
It is never fun to wake up in the middle of a hot summer night to no air conditioning or to wake up to a freezing home with no heat to warm your home. For the unfortunate nights like so, Weather Engineers, Inc. has a NATE certified technician available to you 24 hours a day. We know that it is sometimes difficult to find an air conditioning company at the last minute that you can trust and know will do a good quality job especially in the middle of the night. Weather Engineers, Inc. is the air conditioning repair company you can count on to always provide you with top notch quality work no matter what time it is, day or night. We are here to serve you.
4Air Conditioning Repair Service Pricing
There is an almighty fear that lingers over getting your air conditioning system repaired. That fear is “What exactly is this repair going to cost me?” For that reason, here at Weather Engineers, Inc. we price all of our air conditioning repairs on a flat rate price basis. With this method of pricing, you will always know that you are getting a fair price up front so that there are no surprises. There are two ways that air conditioning companies can determine their pricing. There is charging by the hour and then there is flat rate pricing. Hourly pricing: a company will first repair your air conditioning unit and then after the air conditioning repair is complete the company will then give you the final price. Within that price there is a chance that you may be billed for time to retrieve parts, time for talking to technical support, time for talking to dispatchers, time it takes to order parts and/or deliver parts, additional diagnostic time and trouble shooting. Flat rate pricing: you will be quoted your air conditioning repair before the technician begins the work and if the technician for some reason goes over the time designated to finish that air conditioning repair then you will not have to pay anymore for the extra time taken to repair your air conditioning system. With flat rate pricing you will always know that you are getting a fair price up front on your air conditioning repair service.
5Our Air Conditioning Repair Service Warranty
Since 1963 Weather Engineers, Inc. has and continues to build our company on integrity. We believe that all work should be done right the first time and we believe in our technicians and the service that they provide when repairing your air conditioning and heating system. To show not only that we believe in our technicians but to also show our customers that we care, Weather Engineers, Inc. provides all of our services with a limited 30 day labor warranty and a limited one year parts warranty on all parts.
6An Air Conditioning Repair Is Only As Good As It’s Maintained
Maintenance is so vital to the longevity of your air conditioning and heating system. When a repair is done it will only last as long as you maintain it. Could you imagine having your car breakdown due to not changing the oil and then not maintaining it after it was repaired? It would not make any sense to do so. The same applies when an air conditioning repair is performed on your air conditioning system. You must maintain it to maximize and prolong the life of the repair and also the air conditioning system.
We all know that the economic times are not ideal and that we do not plan for the surprise breakdowns our air conditioning systems sometimes likes to throw our way. For that reason Weather Engineers, Inc. has many financing options available to you so that you may pay over time and you can have your home cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Weather Engineers, Inc. allows you to finance anything from an air conditioning replacement to an air conditioning repair. For more information on our financing options or to learn more about financing, click here.


If you are like most people, you want to write the smallest possible checks to the utility company each month. You can achieve this through regular maintenance on your cooling and heating system.

Having proper maintenance performed on your Air Conditioning is like having your car serviced routinely. If you want your car to last a long time without major breakdowns you change the oil and do other routine maintenance. Your air conditioning and heating system is like your car. Proper maintenance is essential for a long equipment life and less “surprise” breakdowns.

Weather Engineers, Inc. has been providing maintenance services for over 48 years. Our factory certified technicians come to your home twice each year to perform the manufacturer recommended maintenance for your air conditioning and heating systems. This maintenance can be performed at the beginning or the end of each season.

Our maintenance includes all manufacturer recommended maintenance checks. Your heating and cooling equipment will be running at its peak efficiency for its age which means that you will write the lowest possible checks to the utility company.

Enrolling in our Healthy System Program, we also sanitize your cooling coil using our micro biocide application to rid your system of contaminates and bacteria.

In the rare case that you do have a problem with your system, Weather Engineers, Inc. provides you with one free service diagnostic per year. You also receive discounts on services and parts, you receive priority care, and no overtime charges even if you have an emergency at 3 AM!

Your investment in Weather Engineers’ Healthy System Program starts as low as $24.97 per month.

Contact us at today to schedule your maintenance check and start writing smaller checks to the utility company tomorrow.


  • Any HVAC air conditioning and heating unit manufacturer
  • Optional High Efficiency Filters, UV Lights, Zoning, and Programmable Thermostats
  • FREE air conditioning unit replacement estimates!
  • One year FREE air conditioning maintenance on all new air conditioning and heating units
  • City Inspections upon completion of the job
  • “Good-Better-Best” Pricing
  • JEA Shopsmart Rebates & Manufacturer Rebates
  • Refrigerant Reclamation
  • Old air conditioning units disposal off site
  • Air conditioning and heating services since 1963!
  • Employee drug screening & background checks
  • Air conditioning and heating performance testing

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