Professional AC tune-up in Jacksonville, FL To Prevent Allergies This Season

A simple AC tune-up in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas ensure months of additional comfort for people with specific sensitivities.

Preventing summer discomfort

As allergy season moves into top gear, it’s time to think ahead, and book professional AC service in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, as a simple step that can prevent months of discomfort. When poor quality indoor air triggers allergies and even asthma attacks, this may weaken the entire immune system, leaving sufferers more vulnerable to microbes, germs, bacteria and – of course – viruses.

Indoor air quality is crucial

As human lungs fill with air at least 20,000 times a day, contaminated indoor air can lead to a wide variety of respiratory problems. That’s why it’s important to keep indoor air quality high. And good air quality involves far more than just temperature control. Humidity is another crucial factor that affects health, as damp encourages mold and mildew, releasing invisible but irritating spores into the air.

Although pollen drawn in from the outside is a major problem every summer, other pollutants originating in-house can cause year-round distress. Pet dander and smoke are two common culprits, while mildew and mold thrive unseen in dark, damp corners, releasing irritating spores into the air. Cleaning products and decorating elements (like carpet glue) can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that result in toxic indoor environments that can cause serious long-term health problems.

Minimizing pollution

Regardless of its source, indoor pollution must be identified and eliminated as far as possible. One of the fastest ways to do this is through booking a precision AC tune-up or AC service in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas with Weather Engineers. Its NATE-certified technicians are trained to make sure that air conditioning systems are healthy and running smoothly.

Professional tune-up

Starting with a full visual inspection, a typical Jacksonville, FL, AC tune-up checklist includes calibrating thermostats and removing debris from delicate evaporator and condenser coils. Refrigerant pressure must be checked and topped up (when necessary) with the right type of coolant, keeping a sharp eye out for toxic puddles that indicate leaks.

All electrical parts must be inspected and connections cleaned and tightened, checking volts and amps. Oil and air filters must be replaced, with blower components cleaned in place and motor parts checked for wear and tear. Airflows must be gauged, with vents and grilles free from dust, dirt and dander.

Inflow and outflow temperatures must be measured, to ensure even room cooling, ensuring there is sufficient clearance around each unit, with obstructions and flammable items removed from surrounding areas. Cooling cycles should be long enough to remove humidity, switching off smoothly at the desired temperature.

Safety first

Condensate drains and drip trays should be cleaned and checked for leaks. Safety switches must be checked, together with the shut-off switch on the outside unit. Well aware that home safety depends on proper installation, Weather Engineers make sure that separate circuit breakers control the air handler and compressor/condenser circuit.

Optional steps include applying a protective coating and biocide treatment, if necessary. Finally, all moving parts must be lubricated, before the entire system is evaluated for easy start-up and quiet, unobtrusive operation.

Added precautions

Families that include smokers and asthmatics may well benefit from additional air enhancement devices. By removing harmful particulates from indoor air, air purifiers can benefit allergy sufferers, in addition to eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke and other odors.

Dehumidifiers keep relative humidity at around 45% (which is rated as the best level for comfort and health), helping avoid summer clamminess and winter dryness. When humidity rises above 50%, mold and mildew thrive, while attracting unwelcome visitors like spiders and roaches.

In contrast, humidifiers are effective for treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips, as well as easing cold and flu symptoms. In fact, higher humidity levels will actually kill viruses. Replacing stale indoor air with fresh inflows, modern ventilators exchange outgoing airflows with equal volumes of fresh inflows, while energy recovery ventilators remove outdoor humidity – a great benefit during the muggy months of summer.

For homes with attached garages, a carbon dioxide detector and alarm system is just as important as a smoke alarm. At least one carbon monoxide detector should be installed on each floor, particularly in front of bedrooms, as well in basements and garages.

Exploring possibilities

When it comes to family welfare, Weather Engineers offers professional services that extend well beyond a thorough AC tune-up in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. For a courtesy consultation on how to ensure a healthier home, contact Weather Engineers at (904) 478-9591.