Jacksonville, FL AC Repair

If it’s a trustworthy air conditioner company you are looking for, Weather Engineers, Inc. is on time and at your service. The muggy Florida climate has a negative impact on air conditioning units as it has to work continuously, wearing out vital parts in a shorter space of time. They have been servicing Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas since 1963. Certified and professional technicians faithfully and consistently do their best to ensure your air conditioner repair is handled with care. Get in touch with them for your next air conditioner repair Jacksonville, FL.

How To Detect If You Need An Air Conditioner Repair Service

There are a few things that can indicate your air conditioner needs attention:

  • Airflow is not sufficient
  • Leaks from the condenser
  • Malfunctioning fan
  • Thermostat issues
  • Condenser coils that need replacement


Air conditioners operating for more than 15 years must also be well maintained and serviced on time. This could help reduce the necessity of an air conditioner repair and save you loads of money in the future. Having your system inspected by a qualified technician from a reputable company at least twice a year will even reduce your electric bill considerably.

Get the Right Company, For the Right Service, At the Right Price For Air Conditioner Repair Jacksonville, FL

The discomfort you feel at your home, the productivity lost at the office or plant. They do residential, commercial and industrial projects with 49 years of experience under their belts. Has your air conditioner broken down in the middle of the night? They are available 24/7 for all air conditioner repairs conveniently located near you. Their friendly staff will guide you to the most suitable solution for your air conditioner repair in Jacksonville, FL. The do-it-yourself option is not going to get you far in getting the premium air quality you crave. They offer:

  • A-plus Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • And a range of other services


With anything in life, if you want things done the right way, you must contact the right people or company in this case. Save time and money by calling Weather Engineers, Inc. to book a service.

Call The Connoisseurs at Air Conditioner Repair Jacksonville,FL. Call Weather Engineers, Inc.

They are NATE-certified so you can rest assured knowing your air conditioner repair is being handled with diligence and care using the best branded replacement parts on the market. Approaching their golden jubilee they extend their invitation to you, a valued customer to entrust your air conditioner woes to the experts at Weather Engineers, Inc. They have dedicated personnel who are highly trained and can advise you telephonically on exactly how they can assist you with your air conditioner repair Jacksonville, FL. Call us on 904-503-7710. Get your air conditioner back in shape again. Call without delay!