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Duct Work Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

Duct Work Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

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We offer the following:

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  • Full in house fabrication, design, and installation of ductwork
  • Custom designs done by the Weather Engineers, Inc. design team
  • Eco friendly Green-Duct developed by Weather Engineers, Inc.
  • Galvanized steel ductwork with 3” duct wrap
  • Micro lined Fiberglass Duct board
  • Foil Faced R-6 & R-8 flex branch line
  • Ductwork performance testing
  • Ductwork repair, resealing, and rewrapping
  • Weather Engineers, Inc. is insured and bonded
  • Green Duct Galvanized Fiberglass Duct Board Flex Duct

If we just can’t repair it, no worries, we also offer duct work replacement.

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