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Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning and Heating Company Ponte Vedra FL to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit


Like other appliances, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to perform efficiently and optimally. With time, your air conditioner’s performance goes down while the energy use goes up steadily. This is because your unit works harder to reach the optimal indoor climate. Here are some of the main reasons for hiring an air conditioning and heating company Ponte Vedra FL.

Lower your energy bills

With time, your air conditioner’s air entry and filter units are clogged with dirt reducing the amount of air that comes into the unit. In the same time, the refrigerant may go down making it hard to cool the incoming air. The unit works a bit harder to have to make up for the loss. The unit uses up more power in the process raising your energy bills.

Poor quality internal air

As dust, debris and spores build on the duct system, the quality of the air that you goes down. Dirt and debris may make your internal air dusty while dead rodents and insects make the system give off foul smelling air to the rooms. Spores and bacteria on the walls of the ductwork cause autoimmune problems and other allergies to the members of the family.

Shorter lifespan

For the unit to perform optimally, it requires regular cleaning and change of parts such as the filter. However, without maintenance, your system deteriorates and eventually breaks down. For example, if the condensed water does not drain away, it eventually leads to internal corrosion and may interfere with the working of some parts of the unit which can be dangerous.

 Unexpected breakdowns 

A unit that is not regularly maintained may break down when most needed and least expected. Imagine an air conditioner breakdown on an evening during the weekend when the temperatures are very high. It is highly inconveniencing as you look for the technician.

Seek professional air conditioning and heating company Ponte Vedra FL to maintain your heating and cooling units and ensure quality service, longevity, and optimal performance.