Air Conditioning Repair Service Pricing

There is an almighty fear that lingers over getting your air conditioning system repaired. That fear is “what exactly is this repair going to cost me?” For that reason, here at Weather Engineers, Inc. we price all of our air conditioning repairs on a flat rate price bases. With this method of pricing you will always know that you are getting a fair price up front so that there are no surprises.
There are two ways that air conditioning companies can determine their pricing. There is charging by the hour and then there is flat rate pricing. With hourly pricing, a company will first repair your air conditioning unit and then after the air conditioning repair is complete the company will then give you the final price. Within that price there is a chance that you may be billed for time to retrieve parts, time for talking to technical support, time for talking to dispatchers, time it takes to order parts and/or deliver parts, additional diagnostic time and trouble shooting. With flat rate pricing you will be quoted your air conditioning repair before the technician begins the work and if the technician for some reason goes over the time designated to finish that air conditioning repair then you will not have to pay anymore for the extra time taken to repair your air conditioning system. With flat rate pricing you will always know that you are getting a fair price up front on your air conditioning repair service.