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AC Planned Maintenance Tasks That Will Keep Your AC Operational Throughout the Summer

AC planned maintenance Jacksonville, FL
The last thing you would want to deal with during the summer is a broken air conditioner. This is many Jacksonville homeowners are signing for professional AC planned maintenance Jacksonville, FL services. If your air conditioner fails during the summer, the high temperatures can render your home uncomfortable for you and your family. At Weather Engineers In, we have been offering thorough and reliable planned maintenance agreement. Such an arrangement allows us to maintain your system, diagnose it for potential problems and minimize the chances of the air conditioner failing in the near future.
Additionally, our maintenance service is one of the best in the region, when it comes to improving the efficiency and reliability of your heating and cooling system. In this regard, the following are some of our planned AC maintenance tasks that will enhance the performance, reliability and efficiency of your air conditioner this summer:
Cleaning the System
Our routine AC maintenance tasks range from the simplest of them all like cleaning to complex ones, all of which are aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system. With regards to cleaning, our technicians will clean the various AC parts that tend to accumulate dirt and debris with time, such as the filters, coils and the ductwork. If left on the AC system, this dirt will clog the various parts and interfere with airflow to your home. This, in turn, affects the quality of air you are breathing in your home as well as the ability of the AC maintaining the required room temperature.
AC planned maintenance Jacksonville, FL
Analysis of the Electrical Systems
While carrying out routine AC planned maintenance Jacksonville, FL services on your air conditioner, our knowledgeable and certified technicians will inspect all the electrical components of the system to ensure that they are working as they should. This way, we can detect electrical AC problems early enough and repair them in time before they become bigger problems. If not rectified in time, electrical problems can lead to various air conditioner problems and malfunctions, such as worn out fan controls and defective relays. Such problems may also cause your unit to constantly shut off. Our planned maintenance service can help you prevent such AC failures in your home throughout the summer.
Calibrating the Controls
Normally, thermostats tend to lose calibration with time. When this happens, the thermostat cannot detect the right temperature reading. This, in turn, makes it impossible for your AC to maintain the required temperature in your home. The inaccuracy and poor performance of the air conditioner caused by this problem will end up affecting the efficiency of your unit and affect comfort levels in your living space. This being the case, we include thermostat calibration in our planned maintenance service. Our technicians will test the thermostat to find out whether it is working accurately and then calibrate it accordingly.
For professional and affordable AC planned maintenance Jacksonville, FL services, call us today on (904) 503-7710.