5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

There’s this saying that Florida cannot exist without air conditioning. The same goes for Jacksonville. Do you know why? Jacksonville, like other parts of Florida, are hotter than most parts of the country because they lie close to the Equator. They, therefore, receive more sunlight.
That is an extra reason why you should always keep your air conditioning in good shape.
Keeping your air conditioning in shape is what we do at Weather Engineers, the best air conditioner service in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re number one in AC installation, AC maintenance, and air conditioner repair in Jacksonville, FL.
Like everything else, your air conditioner can develop problems. Here, we show you five common AC problems and the likely causes.

  • AC Not Cooling

Is your air conditioner not cooling? There are many reasons why it is not. It may be due to a leak in your system, a wrongly set thermostat, or due to dirty filters.

  • Do You Hear Unusual Noises?

Unusual noises from your AC may be an indication that something isn’t right. Squeaking sounds usually point at your AC belt. While grinding sounds, more often than not, originate from your motor’s bearings.

  • Air Conditioner Stays On Longer Than Usual

If your AC stays on for too long, it may be due to a dirty filter. If you clean or replace your filter, and the problem persists, contact us for your air conditioner service in Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding areas.

  • Air Conditioner Leaking Water While Turned Off

Is your AC leaking water into your home while turned off? You may be dealing with a broken condensate pan or a dirty filter.

  • Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On?

If your AC won’t come alive after the system is turned on, you may be facing thermostat problems, a blown fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker.
Are you facing any of the above problems? Even if you’re not, if you want your AC to always keep you cool, you need to have it maintained regularly. That is what we do at Weather Engineers.

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