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Jacksonville’s Inside Weather Guys And Gals Too! Take The Worry And The Work Out Of Maintaining Clean Air In Your Home Or Office.

If you’re like most homeowners you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your heating and air conditioning. In fact, you most likely don’t consider it at all until it doesn’t work…on the hottest day of the year!

“The best reason for properly functioning, well maintained A/C is to avoid breakdowns when it’s needed the most,” says Dan Griffin (James Junior), president of Weather Engineers, Inc. “Most manufacturer’s warranties, for the compressor, are 10 years, but if you stick to a maintenance schedule you can get 12 to 15 year out of a typical unit.”

Griffin knows what he’s talking about, having grown up in the 50-year-old business that his father, James D. Griffin, Sr. started in 1963. According to a book that the founder published in 2009, Griffin and his sister Cathy have been part of the business since their high school years.

The siblings learned well from their father, known as Griff. Quoting from the book, an old friend of the family, Roy Colson, said “That’s where they got their training. That’s why they’re successful. Work ethic That’s all it is.”

Coupled with a strong work ethic, however, is honesty. “We’re a trustworthy, stable company,” Griffin shares. Many of our commercial customers go back to the beginning of the company, and we’ve had residential customers for over 20 years, maybe close to 30.

Andrew it’s not just the clients – like the City of Jacksonville, the U.S. Navy, The Duval County School Board and Local Hospitals and more – who are loyal to Weather Engineers. of the 76 employees currently in the company, many have been there over 15 years and the lead service technician will celebrate 30 years with the company in 2014.

Two of the most recent additions to “The Inside Weather Guys” are Griffin’s son James III(Jamie) and daughter Kayla, who is know for her rejoinder “…and gals, too, Dad!” in television commercials.

Admittedly, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration isn’t every young adult’s idea of an exciting career, but Griffin’s two children, plus three of five nephews , are committed to the family business.

“I enjoy doing the work and learning the trade.“ Jamie notes. “I worked here through high school, apprenticed in service and now I’m a technician with my own truck.”

While big brother (by two years) is learning the outer workings of “weather inside”, 21-year-old Kayla is focusing on the management side of the business. While attending FSCJ, Kayla started as a dispatcher for the duct cleaning division and is now learning the ropes in accounts receivable.

“I love being with family,” says Kayla. “Although there was some sibling rivalry when we were younger, working at Weather Engineers has brought us closer together.”

Clients are happy to hear that this third generation company has plans to be in business for a good long time. Several residential customers sing the praises of Weather Engineers for relieving severe allergy symptoms. According to Ed Fleming, he feels very fortunate that the firm’s environmental cleaning program enabled him to overcome respiratory allergies and improve his quality of life. “My allergies improved enough that I no longer require any medical treatment,” wrote Fleming in a letter.

"Customers are also impressed with the conscientiousness of the service people (especially young one) be so focused and committed to their work!”